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Free Home Staging

As one of the only teams in the country that owns its own warehouse full of furniture, Kratz & Kolasch Real Estate may be the only team that stages their listings AT NO EXTRA COST TO THE SELLER.  

The stats are well established:

  • Approximately 95% of Buyers search online...and clicking on the pictures first.

  • Properly staged homes sell 2-3 times faster than those not professionally staged

  • Staged properties sell between 5-20% higher than an un-staged property

Using an average of 20 pieces per staged room, combined with the proper temperature, welcoming aroma, and warm music, Kratz & Kolasch Real Estate listings always end up at the top of the list for any Buyers that enter that front door.

3-D Virtual Tours

This technology is far beyond any virtual tour out there!  This is truly the ability to walk through a home while in front of a computer.  This type of home tour cannot be described, it must be experienced - view one our listings below done with our 3-D Virtual Tour system:

4-D & Fusion Photos

Did you know that Buyers look at an average of 3-4 pictures before they make a decision to go on to the next house?  If we haven't piqued their interest within the first few pics, we've lost them.  Not only do most agents not understand this, wasting the first few pictures on the foyer or driveway, but the pictures they choose are extremely low quality.  Your own search confirms these statements are true.

The Kratz & Kolasch Team understands the science behind online home searching, focusing the first precious pictures on those unique parts of the house we know will get Buyers to continue on the picture 5, 6, etc.  We also only use FUSION PHOTOGRAPHY!  This is the process in which every picture is made up of three pictures – one light, one regular and one dark – fused together to make the perfect picture every time!

In certain scenarios, where the outside view of a room is something we want to display, we will implement 4-D photos, which is fusion photos with a fourth picture fused in – a picture that optimizes the outdoor view.  See below an example of a 4-D photo:

Social & Print Media
Our Social Media is second to none, with unique commercials introducing our homes to our huge, online sphere of influence.  Utilizing the power of this website, our Facebook page, YouTube, and other key online portals, we leverage the many thousands of Buyers, and friends of Buyers, that use Social Media for their home research.




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