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Elevate Your Space: A Guide to Choosing Artwork For Your Home

by Rolfe Kratz
March 15, 2024

A Guide to Choosing Artwork For Your Home

By Laura Merz

Elevate Your Space: A Guide to Choosing Artwork

Finding the perfect artwork for your space...

Artwork has the power to define your living spaces, elevate your daily living experience, and even enhance the perceived value of your property. Choosing the right artwork for your home can seem like a challenging task, especially if you're unfamiliar with the nuances of both art and home decor. However, it's a process worth delving into because it's the finishing touch that breathes life, character, and personal expression into your living environment.

If you think of a home in the same way you get dressed, artwork is the final finishing touch that brings the whole room together. Most people select their pants and shirt first - this is the basis of the outfit and is chosen based on function as much as form. Then you add a belt and shoes that infuse a bit of style, but really are designed to compliment the outfit. Finally a watch and tie - or jewelry and accessories - bring the whole look together. It’s that final piece, the last 10% that puts your personal spin on the outfit and creates something unique to you. 

When we think about your home, your furniture is the foundation of your room. It’s the first thing most of us choose, because it is the most functional. Next comes the paint and floor coverings, which have some effect on the style but ultimately are there to support or complement the architecture and furniture choice. At this point the room looks nice, but likely feels a bit generic. It’s when you add the final pieces - the window dressings, table decor and statement artwork - the room springs to life with personality. 

With so many types of art to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to create a cohesive decorating style. And if you shop for art without a plan, especially at a place like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, you'll end up with a bunch of generic art that could be in any doctors office across the country, instead of a unique reflection of your personality. But with a little thought and consideration of you particular values and style you can curate a home that welcomes you into relaxation every day.


Start with Your Personal Taste

When you don't consider yourself an art connoisseur or a home decor expert, the best place to begin is with your personal taste.

Take a moment to reflect on the colors, styles, and themes that naturally appeal to you. Do you find comfort in soothing pastels or are you drawn to bold, vibrant hues? Do you have a preference for traditional, modern, or eclectic design? Understanding your personal aesthetic is the first step in curating artwork that truly speaks to you.

Consider What Moves You

Art has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions and inspire. Think about the themes or subjects that stir something within you. Is it the tranquility of nature-inspired scenes, the energy of abstract art, or the nostalgia of vintage photographs? Identifying the art that resonates with your feelings and emotions is a powerful way to connect with your space. 

What are your values: Do you want to support a local or small business? Do you want to give back to nature? Do you want to support eco-friendly and recycled projects?

Thinking through the values that matter to you doesn't seem like the first step in choosing artwork. But most artists create based on a deep underlying principle. Nature photographers often give a portion of their proceeds to nature conservation. Fiber artists might support a local fabric mill or use a specific recycling method. Some art collectives help employ those who suffer from mental illness or other disabilities. If you're someone who has a strong passion for a particular area of concern, write this down as a way to start locating artisans and artwork that reflect your unique values.


Let Your Interests Guide You

Sometimes, your hobbies, interests, or passions can be a valuable source of inspiration. If you love travel, consider art that showcases places you've visited or dream of exploring. If you're a food enthusiast, culinary art or food-themed pieces may be an exciting addition to your kitchen or dining area. Perhaps you love biking - searching for abstract artwork that features a bicycle could be the first step in finding the right piece of art for your home office. Your interests can help create a more personalized and meaningful decor.

By understanding your own aesthetic and what moves you, you'll be better equipped to select artwork that enhances the ambiance of your new home, even if you're not an art or decor expert. The key is to make your space a reflection of your unique personality and preferences, turning it into a haven that's truly your own.

 Art has a remarkable ability to transform and elevate the atmosphere of your home. Whether you want to make your spaces feel more homely and inviting or create a formal and elegant ambiance, art can play a pivotal role in achieving your desired atmosphere. 


Coordinate with your home

Choosing artwork that harmonizes with your home's architecture, interior design, and layout is essential to create a cohesive and visually appealing space. This will take some thought as every home is unique.

Take into account your home's architecture and interior design when choosing artwork. Modern, minimalist art may suit a contemporary, open-concept space, but would look out of place in a country-style home. Paintings may work well in a traditional living room, while sculptures can add dimension to a modern entryway.  If your home is historic, art from the era of creation might be appropriate - or you could use more contemporary styles in similar color tones to your existing decor. There’s no hard and fast rule here, but the goal is to ensure that your art enhances the existing design elements and doesn't clash with them.

Enhance the Mood 

Art has the power to set the mood in different areas of your home. A serene landscape painting in your bedroom can promote relaxation and peacefulness, while vibrant and abstract art in your living room can infuse energy and creativity. The key is to match the mood of each space - or the mood you want to create - with the art that adorns it, making every room feel purposeful and harmonious.

The choice of colors, styles, and themes can either create a cozy and relaxed environment or establish a sense of formality and elegance. For a cozier atmosphere, consider warm colors, soft textures, and art that exudes comfort. To create a more formal ambiance, opt for art with structured lines, classic motifs, and a more sophisticated color palette.

As a real life example, my dining room is a deep blue color - it’s bold and yet it acts as a neutral. Against such a deep background, a soft nature photograph with dominant white and sage greens looks timeless and classic. But a black and white photograph - while also considered to be a classic choice - plays off the bold wall to look modern and complex. Alternatively, choosing a vibrant painting with many colors would bring a sense of movement and playfulness to the room. 

In the end all of them look lovely - but by knowing exactly how I want the room to feel, along with what my core interests and values are, I can narrow it down and confidently use the black and white piece instead of the others. 

Vibrant art on a dark wall



Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

When guests step into your home, the art on your walls can make a lasting impression. It can convey your personality, style, and even values. A well-chosen piece can be a conversation starter, offering a glimpse into your interests and passions, and putting visitors at ease. 

Whether you're aiming for a more homey or formal ambiance, art can be your trusted ally. Don't be afraid to experiment and find the right balance to suit your preferences. Remember that it's your home, and the art you select should make you feel at ease and reflect your unique personality. If you aren’t naturally drawn to pastel, abstract art, it doesn’t matter how ‘on trend’ the piece is, you will never feel comfortable with it in your home - and your guests will notice that something feels off balance.



Size and Scale

Consider the size and scale of the artwork in relation to the space where it will be displayed. A large, bold piece can be a focal point in a spacious living room where it has room to “breathe” on the wall, while smaller works may be more suitable for intimate spaces like a hallway or a home office. Pay attention to the dimensions to achieve a balanced and proportionate arrangement.

If you’re trying to decide between two sizes, choose the larger size (of course, always measure your space first!) Most people err on the side of caution but larger artwork will always make a bigger impact.



By exploring different art mediums, matching art to your home's design, and paying attention to size and scale, you can create a seamless integration of artwork into your home. The right art choices will not only enhance the aesthetics but also make your space feel complete and well-balanced.


Explore and Experiment

One of the most exciting aspects of selecting artwork for your new home is the opportunity to explore, experiment, and gradually build a unique art collection that evolves with your home's decor. 

Explore art galleries, both in your local area and virtually through online platforms. Visit exhibitions, attend art fairs, and immerse yourself in the world of creativity. Local art shows are fantastic opportunities to connect with artists and find pieces that resonate with you on a personal level.

Online art marketplaces allow you to browse through an extensive selection of artwork from artists worldwide - but remember the artist is often receiving just a fraction of the cost of purchase. You can explore different styles and get a feel for what you like, but when you’re ready to purchase it’s always best to buy directly from the artist or gallery rather than an online marketplace.

Experimentation is a fundamental part of the art selection process. Don't limit yourself to one style or medium. Try different types of art to see what resonates with you and how it complements your home. Be open to exploring abstract, contemporary, traditional, and any other art styles that catch your eye. Using an online tool like Canva, you can upload a photo of your own room and add artwork you’re considering to see what best fits your vision. 

Remember that experimentation doesn't mean a permanent commitment. You can swap out and rearrange art pieces as your taste evolves or as you discover new treasures. Art is a dynamic and evolving element of your home decor. Over time you may find pieces you love so much that you actually plan a whole room just around the artwork! 

Selecting the perfect artwork for your home is a journey that goes beyond mere decoration; it's about crafting an environment that resonates with your personality and values. Like the final brushstroke on a canvas, artwork breathes life and character into your living spaces, making them uniquely yours. By understanding your personal taste, allowing your emotions and interests to guide you, and considering the transformative power of art in shaping moods and atmospheres, you can curate a home that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also feels like a true reflection of who you are. Ultimately, your home is your canvas, and the art you choose completes the picture of a harmonious and inviting living space.



This article originally appeared on www.LauraMerzPhotography.com. It is re-posted here with permission.

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