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Education is our top priority when representing Kratz & Kolasch buyer clients.  After a few hours with us, our Buyers know the answers to the following questions:

  1. What am I looking for as I walk up to a home and explore the interior?  Hint, it's not the furnishings and the paint color?
  2. How am I discerning past and/or current water penetration into the home as I view the property?
  3. How is my earnest money deposit protected via Contract Contingencies?
  4. What are my options to get out of a Contract that I'm in with a Seller?
  5. What are the key items the home inspection findings that are possible warning signs?
  6. Is the termite treatment negotiable?
  7. Is the survey necessary and what happens if an encroachment is found?
  8. What is a Buyer responsible for with respect to the HOA violations?
  9. Owner's Title Insurance is optional...so should a Buyer purchase it?

These and many other issues that come up during the purchase process are how we educate our Buyers, thus making the process and stress-free as is possible when making such a major life decision.  

Please check out our many online reviews to see how we care for and take seriously our clients' trust in us.


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© Kratz & Kolasch Real Estate

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